Backlinks are links that you link to your website from another site for ranking factors and to get more organic traffic.

Here the traffic is depending on the quality of backlinks and from where the backlinks are from, backlinks from the more authoritative website bring better traffic.

Whenever a search engine bot crawling your website, Google looks for a backlink in your website to understand how your page is connected to one other and in what ways they are connected. That means Do-follow or No -follow.

Among the hundreds of SEO ranking factors, Backlinks are considered an important metric for SEO.

Another hand, getting a high-quality backlink is not an easy factor. Here are some of the possible smart ways to build a backlink from the authoritative site. Let’s discuss them briefly in the coming sessions.

  1. Broken – link building Method

The broken link-building method is one of the attractive ways to get backlinks from highly authoritative sites. Here you should need to contact a webmaster to report the broken links in their website. Same time, you can mention your own website to replace that broken link with your website link. This is like doing a favor for the webmaster. So, no doubt he/she will accept your request and there are more chances to get a backlink from their website. 

  1. Backlinks through infographic submissions

Infographics are one of the popular ways of building a backlink to the website for bringing traffic. Due to the great visual attractions, there is more possibility of clicks and shares. So, no doubt infographics can increase your website credibility and value.

Building Backlinks through an infographic

  1. Guest Posts

Guest posts are also the most effective way of building an effective backlink. Guest posts help to reach more new audiences and new readers. Publishing your content on another website also brings your online reputation and expands your audience circle.

  1. Write Testimonials

Testimonials are also an easy method to earn high-quality backlinks for your website. Here you need to spend only a few minutes to earn a link from the homepage of another authoritative website to your page.

Write Testimonials

  1. Social Media

You can also get quality backlinks from social media profiles, Linked In, Twitter, Medium, and so on. Contributing or writing an article on that platform has a chance of getting a quality backlink to your website. Social media platforms also help to reach more audiences and get more traffic for better ranking.

Building or earning backlinks can sometimes be a difficult process, but if your find the right link-building opportunities you can easily build high-quality backlinks from the authoritative website.