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How to create infographic backlinks

How to create infographic backlinks?

Infographics are the visual data that have a combination of images, texts, and graphs that have some information about a specific brand. Infographics are used to gain more search results and for the process of getting more traffic to the website. In SEO, an infographic is used to build a backlink and to improve organic search rankings. Moving forward in a current marketing scenario, infographics are more popular among marketers and SEOs, and it comes stronger than before.

According to recent SEO research, infographics get more likes and get shared on social media 3 times more than the other contents.

What are the three main elements to consider while creating an infographic? 

  • Great Design

The first main thing to make an infographic viral, it should be professionally designed and attract many viewers.

  • Interesting statistics

A good infographic should contain interesting statistics that must cover the selected topic.

  • Outreach

Outreach and promotion matter, if the infographic does not contain good promotion, then the above two elements are considered useless. So, good social media promotion and email outreach are important for your infographic to reach more people. 

Building Backlinks through an infographic

Building Backlinks through an infographic

Building backlinks helps to improve your website’s SEO but it requires more time and patient. There are different link-building strategies used in OFF-page SEO for the ranking factor. Guest posts, article submissions, broken links, writing testimonials, are some of the tactics used for building a backlink.

Infographics are another powerful link-building strategy, that can increase website traffic and improve domain authority by boosting SEO.

Most of the studies say more than 40% traffic rate is from well-designed infographics that contain attractive visual content.

If you are creating an infographic, then go with the trending topic and try to cover all statistics and show a good visualization to increase the interest of your audience. So, there will be a chance of more shares from your audience.

Steps involved in creating Infographic Backlinks.

Check out the what are steps involves in creating a backlink from the infographic to improve the SEO and to improve the website rankings.

  1. Design an attractive infographic
  2. Publish your infographic
  3. Share your infographic on different platforms
  4. Promote your infographic
  5. Reach more bloggers and influencers
  6. Submit in free infographic submission directories
  7. Submit your infographic in a press release
  8. Share with your contacts.
Why you need backlinks for SEO

Why you need backlinks for SEO?

All websites are battling to secure their position on search engines and practicing dozens of SEO factors to rank #1 on Google. In this high competition, backlinks are considered as the main SEO factor, which builds more trust and confidence among users as well as search engines.

Many website owners and marketers consider search engine optimization as the gravity of ranking factor and link building attains its first position. Let’s, explore the importance of SEO backlinks

SEO backlinks are important as they are a good signal to Google and make it consider your content is valuable. If a website earns additional backlinks, then the website content is worth ranking well on the SERPs.

How to Earn backlinks?

Backlinks come under the off-page SEO strategy, one of the essential components for the ranking factor. Backlinks are normally earned in three basic ways.

How to Earn backlinks

  1. Natural Links

Obtaining backlinks in a natural way doesn’t bring any action from the website owner. Natural backlinks are the best way, that no one has a role in obtaining a link from their website. Natural links tender the organic search, and backlinks in a natural way are considered as a high-quality backlinks.

  1. Manual Links

Obtaining a backlink in a manual way acquires some earning activities from the website owner. For example, links obtained from the Guest Posts. Make sure, gaining manual links requires permission from the website owners and it should be coming from the website relevant to your business and content.

  1. Self-created Links

Self-created backlinks are the links creating while posting a new blog, commenting on a blog, or submitting on an online directory. Self-created backlinks are the simplest way and sometimes consider as “black-hat EO” that negatively impact the website reputation.

Mostly these links come under the “no-follow” type.

Are Backlinks Important for SEO?

The answer is yes. Backlinks are 100 % important for SEO. But it is not about quantity, only quality matters.

Getting one or two high-quality links from the authorized website is much better than getting a thousand backlinks from a non-worthy site. Apart from the quality backlinks, well-optimized content, and website structure, helps to secure the first position in SERP.

SEO Backlinks importance

Need of SEO Backlinks:

Backlinks act as the navigation for two websites.  Check out the importance of having an SEO backlink in your website.

  • Backlinks play a crucial role in search engine ranking factors.
  • Backlinks are referred to as positive “signals” or votes”.
  • Building high-quality and relevant backlinks increase the organic search results.
  • Backlinks help your website to reach a greater number of relevant users among your business networks.
  • Backlinks influence the website ranking.
  • Backlinks will strengthen your website organically.
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